Arriving June 7 2019 - New LPs by Astral Social Club & Grumbling Fur Time Machine Orchestra, and Bruce Russell & Luke Wood!

Dear friends, we emerge from the basement laboratory to bring you two (?!) LP new releases: The debut collaboration “Plasma Splice Trifle” (vhf#147) by the dream team of Astral Social Club & Grumbling Fur Time Machine Orchestra, and the debut “Visceral Realists” by the mighty Bruce Russell & Luke Wood. Both are excellent pressings, include a download slip, and are wonderfully packaged. You can stream them in their entirety now and pre-order for June delivery. Also available via our bandcamp site and in stores (hopefully).


Astral Social Club & Grumbling Fur Time Machine Orchestra “Plasma Splice Trifle” vhf#147 LP

Bruce Russell & Luke Wood “Visceral Realists” vhf#146 LP

If you buy the Astral Social + Fur LP, you can turn it over and see what famous prog-rock LP the back cover reminds you of.

If you buy the Astral Social + Fur LP, you can turn it over and see what famous prog-rock LP the back cover reminds you of.

The Bruce & Luke LP is in a letterpress and debossed cover with riso prints by Luke Wood tipped on to the front and back. Also includes two very smart inserts.

The Bruce & Luke LP is in a letterpress and debossed cover with riso prints by Luke Wood tipped on to the front and back. Also includes two very smart inserts.


In July or August, we’ll have a first ever vinyl edition of Pelt’s “Pearls from the River,” followed in the fall by new LP’s from Richard Youngs and a 20th Anniversary LP+4CD set by Ashtray Navigations.

New Items added to 27th Anniversary Sale, New Items on Bandcamp

Added several new titles to our ongoing 27th Anniversary Sale - lots of great albums discounted, many 50-60% off, including plenty of vinyl, multi-disc sets, etc. Please help us reduce our basement squalor, to prepare for future squalor.


Also - we added a bunch of new back catalog titles to our Bandcamp site, including 8 which are "pay what you want." (Almost without exception, people want to pay $0, but hey, do what thou wilt.)

New Releases (Slowest Lift, Flying Saucer Attack), Sale Items

Finally - some new releases! We're very pleased to announce two new LPs available Dec 1, 2017. You can preorder them now! Flying Saucer Attack's "In Search of Spaces" has been unavailable since shortly after its 1996 release. The new edition was produced in collaboration with the band and Bruce Russell, who released the original CD way back when. The Slowest Lift LP is the debut long-form release by the duo of Sophie Cooper and Julian Bradley, and is a unique psychedelic-electronic hybrid. You can listen to both releases in full on the pages below:

Also - We've put a number of items on sale, in some cases for more than 50% off. You can seem them with the little sale icon and new price on the all releases page. Lots of steeply discounted, excellent stuff that we'd like to find a home for, including plenty of vinyl. 

VHF on Bandcamp

I just found out that BANDCAMP is a thing, so we're on it at

At the moment, we've only got a handful of titles up there, but we'll be working on adding more over the next few weeks, including some releases that have been out of print and might not be available for download anywhere - or maybe they are, I'm not sure at this point. Anyway:



2016 Releases - Æthenor's Hazel LP/CD, Jack Rose LPs

Dang, I totally forgot about this part of the web site. Æthenor's Hazel LP/CD is up for preorder now - - ships August 26th. Stream in full now on the link above.


Also - very happy to announce that in collaboration with Jack's estate and Three Lobed Recordings, we're restoring Jack Rose's original catalog of LP's to print. We'll be issuing new editions of Red Horse, White Mule; Opium Musick; and Raag Manifestos on September 23, 2016. The LP's are generally faithful replicas of the LP's as they were originally issued by Eclipse in 2002-2004. The new editions are new cuts from Jack's masters and are being pressed at RTI. Each LP will include a download card. We'll put up a pre-order link soon. Also - Kensington Blues will be available again on LP around the end of July.

Summer 2015 Releases Preview - Vibracathedral, Ashtray Navigations, Kawabata

Hey girl - assuming that pressing plants get all those record store day classic rock LP's pressed and out of the way, we'll have 3 new jams for you to enjoy this summer!

vhf#139 Vibracathedral Orchestra - Rec Blast Motorbike LPReturn of the mighty “classic” lineup of the VCO with their first new music in many years. Here the quintet of Michael Flower, Neil Campbell, Bridget Hayden, Adam Davenport, and Julian Bradley (joined by raconteur John Godbert) feature in a set of upbeat tracks that put the group's radical instrumental strategies into a package of full on rock action. LP + download code

vhf#138 Ashtray Navigations - A Shimmering Replica LP + Bonus CDFirst ever VHF release by the 21-years-running Ashtray Navigations, bringing one more core piece of the UK freakout underground back to the mothership. On this generous 100 minute package, Phil Todd and Melanie O’Dubshlaine essay a kind of guitar and electronics exotica, with burbling rhythms, Heldon-like laser guitar leads, field recordings, synth racket, etc – the totally fun take on Les Baxter’s all-time classic “Quiet Village” (here wittily retitled “Quite Village”) is a good example of the explorer spirit at work here. LP + Bonus CD + download code

vhf#133 Kawabata Makoto - Astro Love & Infinite Kisses 2LPAstro Love is the first widely available solo release in several years from Kawabata, emerging from a period of relative quiet with this blockbuster Krautrock-flavored epic. On the whole, this a lovely and impressionistic record, the other side of Makoto’s outrageous works with Acid Mothers’ Temple. 2xLP + download code

Richard Youngs - NO FANS COMPENDIUM 7CD Box - Available April 6, 2015

Update - Order NOW for April 6 shipment!!!

Hey goobers - extremely pleased to announce the April 6 2015 release of NO FANS COMPENDIUM by Richard Youngs. See below for a 40 minute audio sampler, the full track listing, and some snaps of the folios being printed by the mighty Stumptown Printers in Portland, OR. We'll announce full ordering details soon.

NO FANS COMPENDIUM is a deluxe limited edition 7 CD set of Richard Youngs’ recordings for his long-running private NO FANS label. 5 CDs are Richard’s personal selection from his NO FANS releases, all of which were issued in tiny editions (20 – 50) and only available for sale at Richard’s rare shows or at Glasgow’s now defunct Volcanic Tongue shop. In addition, Richard has included two full discs of material previously unavailable in any form - a recording from 1989 pre-dating his earliest widely-known work, and a new recording from late 2014. Unbeatable as a survey of Richard’s career, everything here is of equal quality to his over-the-counter releases. In keeping with his penchant for unpredictable stylistic mashups and reinventions, there are folky laments, achingly beautiful “songs,” tape collage, rude prog noise, minimalist experiments, multi-tracked vocals, etc. Each disc is housed in an individual card folio with artwork repurposed from the original releases. 

Disc 1 - 20th Century Jams
1. 19 Used Postage Stamps    
2. Inner Sky Part II    
3. May Verses    
4. Live In My Head

Disc 2 - 21st Century Jams
1. Live In Glasgow 2000
2. Easter 2001
3. This Life Gives Force
4. Sun Lay Lay

Disc 3 - Multi-Tracked Shakuhachi/Live in Salford
1. Multi-Tracked Shakuhachi 1
2. Multi-Tracked Shakuhachi 2
3. Multi-Tracked Shakuhachi 3
4. Live in Salford

Disc 4 - Somerled/No Home Like Place
1. Glasgow Device 
2. Mixolydian Sea Tone       
3. Revolution, Again
4. Alarms I
5. Alarms II
6. No Home Like Place

Disc 5 - Three Handed Star/Garden of Stones
1. Three Handed Star
2. Garden of Stones 1
3. Garden of Stones 2
4. Garden of Stones 3
5. Garden of Stones 4
6. Garden of Stones 5

Disc 6 – Harpenden!
1. Green Ink
2. To The Hill
3. The Dead Fly
4. Setting for Voices

Disc 7 – Thought Plane
1. Thought Plane


Jack Rose - Kensington Blues (Early Version)

Every December 5th now brings an avalanche of pics, videos, and music to commemorate Jack's 2009 passing - here's a little contribution I found during a recent cleanup of our archives. This is from a CD that Jack sent us as a proposed new release in early 2005. The letter below references a phone conversation where he mused that he might instead use the tracks for a few small-run singles and EP tracks that he'd promised various labels. Contrary to his heritage as a free-wheeling improvisor with Pelt, Jack worried over a fairly small repertoire for his solo shows and recordings, reworking songs over and over until he was completely satisfied with how he played them. Eventually, he ended up scrapping this sequence and re-recording some of these songs (with a couple of substitutions) to produce the Kensington Blues LP/CD that remains his masterwork.

H. Usui "Sings The Blues" LP+CD OUT NOW!!!

OUT NOW!!!! First couple of dozen copies will include a sleeve for the CD of the album that's included with the LP that Hiro made himself.

Spring 2014 Releases - Sparhawk/Carbonara and Hiro Usui

Very pleased to announce two new releases for Spring 2014, our first in almost 2 years: 

vhf#135 - H. Usui - Sings the Blues LP (+CD)


Solo darkness from Japanese legend (Ghost, Fushitsusha, Marble Sheep, August Born, etc). Raw and gripping, a darker version of his all time classic Holy Letters (vhf#84). Limited edition includes CD version of the album. 

vhf#134 Jesse Sparhawk & Eric Carbonara - Tributes & Diatribes CD


2nd VHF release of beautiful cosmic duets on level harp and Indian guitar by this Philadelphia area duo. If you like Popol Vuh, Fahey, Third Ear Band, ragas, etc - this is for you.