Jack Rose - Kensington Blues (Early Version)

Every December 5th now brings an avalanche of pics, videos, and music to commemorate Jack's 2009 passing - here's a little contribution I found during a recent cleanup of our archives. This is from a CD that Jack sent us as a proposed new release in early 2005. The letter below references a phone conversation where he mused that he might instead use the tracks for a few small-run singles and EP tracks that he'd promised various labels. Contrary to his heritage as a free-wheeling improvisor with Pelt, Jack worried over a fairly small repertoire for his solo shows and recordings, reworking songs over and over until he was completely satisfied with how he played them. Eventually, he ended up scrapping this sequence and re-recording some of these songs (with a couple of substitutions) to produce the Kensington Blues LP/CD that remains his masterwork.