2016 Releases - Æthenor's Hazel LP/CD, Jack Rose LPs

Dang, I totally forgot about this part of the web site. Æthenor's Hazel LP/CD is up for preorder now - http://www.vhfrecords.com/catalog/athenor-hazel-lpcd-vhf140 - ships August 26th. Stream in full now on the link above.


Also - very happy to announce that in collaboration with Jack's estate and Three Lobed Recordings, we're restoring Jack Rose's original catalog of LP's to print. We'll be issuing new editions of Red Horse, White Mule; Opium Musick; and Raag Manifestos on September 23, 2016. The LP's are generally faithful replicas of the LP's as they were originally issued by Eclipse in 2002-2004. The new editions are new cuts from Jack's masters and are being pressed at RTI. Each LP will include a download card. We'll put up a pre-order link soon. Also - Kensington Blues will be available again on LP around the end of July.