New Releases (Slowest Lift, Flying Saucer Attack), Sale Items

Finally - some new releases! We're very pleased to announce two new LPs available Dec 1, 2017. You can preorder them now! Flying Saucer Attack's "In Search of Spaces" has been unavailable since shortly after its 1996 release. The new edition was produced in collaboration with the band and Bruce Russell, who released the original CD way back when. The Slowest Lift LP is the debut long-form release by the duo of Sophie Cooper and Julian Bradley, and is a unique psychedelic-electronic hybrid. You can listen to both releases in full on the pages below:

Also - We've put a number of items on sale, in some cases for more than 50% off. You can seem them with the little sale icon and new price on the all releases page. Lots of steeply discounted, excellent stuff that we'd like to find a home for, including plenty of vinyl.