Spring 2014 Releases - Sparhawk/Carbonara and Hiro Usui

Very pleased to announce two new releases for Spring 2014, our first in almost 2 years: 

vhf#135 - H. Usui - Sings the Blues LP (+CD)


Solo darkness from Japanese legend (Ghost, Fushitsusha, Marble Sheep, August Born, etc). Raw and gripping, a darker version of his all time classic Holy Letters (vhf#84). Limited edition includes CD version of the album. 

vhf#134 Jesse Sparhawk & Eric Carbonara - Tributes & Diatribes CD


2nd VHF release of beautiful cosmic duets on level harp and Indian guitar by this Philadelphia area duo. If you like Popol Vuh, Fahey, Third Ear Band, ragas, etc - this is for you.